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Ukrainian Scientific Institute of Certification purchased a climate chamber heat - cold - moisture KTHV-150


In January 2019, the NPF Technologiya Ukraine company supplied the Ukrainian Scientific Institute of Certification with a climatic chamber heat - cold - moisture KTHV-150, of its own production. This institute specializes in the certification of medical devices.

The KTHV-150 chamber allows testing at temperatures from -70 ° C to +150 ° C and at humidity from 20 to 98% RH.

The possibility of working in two modes is provided:

in the mode of constantly changing values ​​of temperature and humidity.
in stabilization mode, and then further maintaining the set values ​​of temperature and humidity.

The camera operation is controlled on the basis of OMRON PLC (Japan), using a touch screen with an intuitive interface.

This camera model has passed the calibration procedure using the temperature and humidity measurement channel. As a result, the European standard calibration certificates were issued. Thus, we have once again proved that the products of the NPF "Technology Ukraine" company not only are not inferior, but also surpass similar European equipment in terms of accuracy and quality of work.